A selected portfolio of the collaborative projects mapping the developing style and recurring fixations in the work of Irish-born, West Australian desert-raised, Perth-formed, Bunbury-located musician and artist, David Richardson.

In a world where art and music are becoming increasingly consumerist and disposable, things are so open that, at times, we here in Australia seem to have suffered a cosmological heat death - culturally.
Globalised culture begs for idiosyncrasy, yet facilitates and rewards homogeneity and cultural trends - demanding creative risks to forge ahead.
If work isn't lost in the abyss it risks drowning in noise. 
Dynamic audiences, proprieties and cultural sensitivity vie for space and shape the way we seek, and direct, attention - regardless of personal integrity or intent, or the medium of the message.
Indifference and the spectre of ignorance loom over many original artists.
Yet there seems no shortage, thankfully, of innovative creatives carving out a niche and holding up a mirror to the cracked beauty of our age.
I'm merely trying to do the same, following my intuition rather than trends - sometimes at benefit and sometimes at cost. Like most others, I try to work with people who hold themselves to the highest standard, indifferent to production contexts and budgetary constraints, merely trying to put out the best work possible - a mirror for the collective mind so to speak.

In a world of saturated products, I hope something here stirs an interest for you - and be sure to send word if you need an extra pair of hands in the huddle, another face in the mirror, another Oz behind the curtain - whatever metaphor you prefer.